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Serving the Treasure Coast of Florida

Are you Licensed?

Doctor Detail of the Treasure Coast LLC, is a fully licensed and insured mobile detailing service, serving The Treasure Coast of Florida including: Jensen Beach, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Palm City, Hobe Sound & Jupiter.

Do you come to me, or do I drop off my vehicle?  

Most vehicles can be completed mobile (at your home, place of business, parking lot, etc) however some vehicles requiring more extensive detailing will require drop off.  If the vehicle has paint that is in very bad condition or carpet stains and interior smells, then it will likely need to be dropped off.  Some vehicle details can take multiple days to complete.

When you come out to the appointment, what will I need to provide?

1) A dirty and unlocked vehicle.  

Doctor Detail does not need access to your water or electric, and carries provisions on our rig to create shade for working on cars in the hot Florida sun.  If the work is completed at your home and a garage is accessible, we may request to work in the shade of the garage.

What is the difference between express and full service?  

An express interior detail will address only the vehicle's interior covering light & moderate cleaning. An express exterior detail will focus only on the exterior and will not include wax.  An express full service detail includes both light & moderate detailing of both the interior and exterior at the same time. Vehicles with heavily soiled interiors or ones needing paint correction will need to be seen in person for an accurate determination of what treatment methods will be required and an estimate for those services.  

Does the make/ model/ color and mileage of my vehicle effect the price?  

To a point, yes- with some exceptions.  For the sake of trying to determine the condition of the vehicle when you call, we will always as you to give us some details about the vehicle to assess it's condition.  For example, the price on a detail for a 2007 Ford Mustang with 125,000 miles would almost certainly differ from another 2007 mustang with only 12,000 miles. The more miles it's driven, exposure to corrosive environmental conditions and general wear and tear can make a huge difference in the amount of time, processes and effort it will take us to bring your vehicle into the best shape possible.

How much time does it take to detail my vehicle?  

This depends on it's current condition, and how extensive you would like our process to get.  A typical wash, inside & out will take about an hour if the car is in decent condition.  More comprehensive details needing paint correction, Ozone treatments, or carpet extraction will need to be evaluated on a case by case basis to accurately determine how long it will take.  Some time estimates can be completed by sending photos of the vehicle by email to

Do you provide transportation for dropped off vehicles?  

Yes,  vehicles scheduled for drop off at the detailing facility requiring transport home should specify when scheduling.  If you are unable to drop the vehicle off, we can also pick the vehicle up from you, and drop it back off when complete.  

How are you different than a traditional car wash?  

The traditional car wash uses machines and "line" type service, where the same dirty machines are washing  dirt off every car, and a team of people descend on your vehicle- each person responsible for one task.  Lots of these car washes even recycle their dirty water!  Doctor Detail uses no automated equipment, soiled cloths or brushes nor would be ever consider using filtered/ chemically treated water.  You won't find dirt under the seats, in the door jambs, wheel wells or console.  Each vehicle will have an individualized approach best suited for its present condition and customer satisfaction is our first priority.

What kinds of products do you use?  

Doctor Detail is not exclusive to one brand of detailing product.  There are a vast amount of excellent products out there, and we believe most of them do have a place in detailing.  Generally we use products from Pinnacle Natural Brilliance, Meguiars, Ardex, McKee's, Griot's, System X, & 3D but the list goes on.  

What is multi-step paint correction?  

This process starts with a thorough wash & dry.  Depending on the condition of the vehicle, we will then apply a technique called clay barring to remove surface contaminants such as environmental fallout and bug guts. If needed the next step includes machine compounding/ polishing to remove oxidation, water spots, holograms, swirl marks and other paint blemishes.  Paint correction can help to lessen the visibility of severe scratches , however anytime the paint has been broken or gouged its best to touch up with matching paint.  

What is an Ozone treatment?  

A specialized machine used to generate Ozone (O3) will be used to fill your vehicle interior and HVAC systems.  One molecule of ozone has three atoms of  oxygen, which makes it different than the air we breathe, which only has two atoms of oxygen per atom.  This makes ozone an extremely powerful oxidant which when applied to the vehicle's interior and HVAC systems will destroy germs, viruses, bacteria, mold, and odors.  When those nasty items come in contact with  the extra molecule of oxygen- the item is destroyed leaving only oxygen behind.  


Frequently Asked Questions